Servant Project International is organization which implements humanitarian andĀ development activities in Asia.

Servant Project International invites you to join and support the organization for sharing good news and sustainable development of the human beings.

The Vision

Servant Project International is an international humanitarian organization, which was established in 2011. Servant Project International works toward impacting the world through three main pillars: Mission, Discipleship and Study. We care for people living in poverty and disaster affected areas, provide health care services, improve community sanitation, provide education sponsorship for underprivileged children, and create economic opportunities for underprivileged communities. We also build, equip and empower leaders to transform their communities through formal education, leadership seminars, and informal training opportunities.

What we do

Educational Programs

SPI has started vocational training centers in rural areas,
bringing opportunity to learn and earn for under privileged women.

Schools Work
Youth Leadership Academy
Computer Training Center

Women Development

SPI organizing women development programmed seminars,
workshops and other activities.


Humanitarian Aid

SPI is actively participating Emergency relief work
at national level at the time of need or any natural disasters.

Sewing Centers
Flood Relief
Food Distribution

Health Care Programs

SPI arranging medical health camps in rural area
and spread health care awareness at national level.

Free medical camps

Core values



Beyond Attraction to Application



Beyond Education to Experience



Beyond Curriculum to Culture