A catalyst for study

Haverim Devotions is specifically designed as a catalyst for our distinctive approach to study which can be summarized as “Beyond curriculum to culture.” A four level process, HD provides a unique way to understand and share any text. It is simple and easy for anyone to adopt.

Each level of Haverim approaches the text in a unique way and appeals to all personality types and other demographic differences. The four perspectives highlight our distinctive, whereby a teacher’s role is not simply to create a curriculum where others fill in the gaps, but instead responds to the needs and questions of those they are teaching by showing them how to think, not what to think.

Beyond Curriculum to Culture

4 Levels

Level 1 - Intended Meaning

People must first look at the intended meaning of a passage. They use study tools to discover the context and history of a chapter, parable or verse. During this time, they seek to understand the background and culture this text was written in and share what they discovered to be the point of this passage. This level crucially prevents misinterpretation.

Level 2 - Implied Meaning

At the second level, people connect the passage to other sections of scripture, traditions or customs that are hinted at. They look for any overarching principle or theme that can be found when connecting those dots. Once discovering the principle, it can be seen in other parts of the Bible and applied to life.

Level 3 - Interpreted Meaning

In this unusual level of study, people place themselves in the passage of scripture. Using an ancient dynamic, they collaborate and seek to understand the purpose of God in the passage. As each person’s interpreted motivation is shared, they begin to discover something about themselves and what motivates them or what motivates God.

Level 4 - Inspired Meaning

During this section, time is created to allow God’s Word to permeate deeper into an individual. Time is given for creative contemplation to practically apply the words that have been studied and give the opportunity for the group to be used by God and speak into each others lives.

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