A catalyst for discipleship

The flow is based on a scientific formula which acts as a catalyst for our distinctive approach to discipleship which can be summarized as “Beyond education to experience.” The four stages of the flow offer leaders a visual template to enhance the growth of those they are leading. It is simple and easy for any leader to adopt.

Each quadrant of The Flow emphasizes the importance of a leader including their followers in their journey. Each diagram leads people through our distinctive, whereby a leader’s role is not to educate someone and then hope they go and experience it. Instead it encourages the leader to take them on an experience and educate them along the way.

Beyond Education to Experience

4 stages

Stage 1 - Experience it!

In the first step, the leader and disciple set a goal and choose an experience. They then go on this experience together, both of them working to accomplish the goal that they have set. The disciple takes note of what they saw the leader do and what they did themselves.

Stage 2 - Question it!

After the experience, the leader and disciple sit down and remind themselves of the goal that they have set. In order to do this, they make a simple list of all the things that did not work, and all the things that did. This questioning prepares the disciple to identify steps they can learn from.

Stage 3 - Understand it!

The leader and disciple look at the previous list and discover the common aspects of the things that worked that were absent in those that didn’t work and vice versa. They then identify a principle they can apply to future experiences.

Stage 4 - Multiply it!

Using a simple tool, they now identify what the disciple can practically do to bring others into their experience. They outline how to go the extra mile, avoid the diverted mile and improve the goal before the leader commissions the disciple to fulfill it.

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